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Name: Horehound Herb Tea
Size: 24 Tea Bags
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Taking its name from Horus, the Egyptian God of Sky and Light, this anciant Greek herb Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) has been widely used for its health benefits. It is best known as an old-fashioned flavoring and either honey or sugar can be added to Horehound tea or extract, to make candy or a soothing lozenge.

Introduced from Europe, Horehound now grows wild in North america. Used by the Indians, Horehound was brought westward by early pioneers and soldiers. It was often planted in abundance around newly estaqblished settlements and was commonly known then as "soldier tea". It is a perennial relative of mint with aromatic, wrinkled leaves and white flowers. It grows easily in sandy dry soil and full sun.

Caffeine Free

 Suggested Use & Directions

The best way to make a good tasting cup of tea is by the infusion method. Place one tea bag into a cup and add no more than 6 oz. of boiling water. Let steep for 3 minutes and remove the bag. Press the bag before removing to enhance the flavor. Add honey to sweeten.


Horehound Herb


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